Areas of Activity

In April 2016, Eye on Earth Governance re-focused the Movement’s activities.  The Governing Alliance defined a collaboration framework by which the collective knowledge, influence, energy and synergies within the Movement can contribute to realizing the Eye on Earth Vision: “A world where environmental and associated social and economic information, combined with citizen engagement, improves decisions leading to sustainable development.”

Focal Areas

Three movement-defining Focal Areas were identified:

  1. Data Infrastructures
  2. Capacity Development
  3. Access to Information

Engagement Domains

Work on the enabling Focal Areas must serve tangible needs, therefore three orthogonal Engagement Domains were identified:

  1. the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  2. the Natural Environment
  3. the Built Environment

Engagement Areas

The three Focal Areas and three Engagement Domains result in nine high-level Engagement Areas.  In each Engagement Area the agenda is that of the Focal Area whereas the context is the Engagement Domain.

  • Access to information for the SDG’s
  • Access to information for the Natural Environment.
  • Access to information for the Built Environment
  • Data Infrastructure for the SDG’s
  • Data Infrastructure for the Natural Environment.
  • Data Infrastructure for the Built Environment
  • Data/Information related Capacity Building for the SDG’s
  • Data/Information related Capacity Building for the Natural Environment.
  • Data/Information related Capacity Building for the Built Environment


Recognizing that the three Focal Areas are inter-related the following additional activities are also in-scope:

  • Capacity Development for Access to Information
  • Capacity Development for Data Infrastructures
  • Data Infrastructures for Access to Information