Eye on Earth is the convergence of a series of initiatives by several organisations over the past few years that collectively address the global challenge of increasing access to information to support sustainable development.

Declaration of Principles

The Eye on Earth initiative is defined and characterised by a suite of guiding principles:

• Improve equitable access to information

• Develop adequate institutional and legislative enabling conditions for further implementation of Principle 10

• Further advance upon existing interoperability standards and mechanisms for information exchange and management

• Make credible, relevant and timely information more available

• Keep information management close to the source

• Provide effective mechanisms for collection of environmental, economic and social information and avoid unnecessary duplication in data collection

• Information supports reporting obligations and decision making

• Address information gaps from both the demand and supply perspectives

• Integrates economic, environmental and social information to advance sustainable development issues

• Foster collaboration among communities, networks, systems, institutions and technology providers

• Further strengthen existing initiatives and supports development of networks and regional cooperation

• Strengthen capacity building and technology support for developing and transitioning countries

• Enhance efforts on incorporating environmental information and programs into education curriculum

• Further develop Public Private Partnerships for use of ICT