From the inaugural Eye on Earth Summit 2011, with a shared knowledge and understanding of the Eye on Earth Community, a suite of outcomes were committed to, including 8 Special Initiatives; 3 foundational and 5 thematic represent significant programmes of work.

About Special Initiatives


The 3 foundational series initiatives address issues that cross-cut the 5 thematic Special Initiatives (SIs) and are seen as essential to supporting effective environmental and societal data and information sharing.

Eye on Access for All, Eye on Environmental Education and Global Network of Networks address the cross cutting issues and aid to facilitate knowledge transfer through supporting and strengthening existing efforts of the five thematic SIs; Eye on Biodiversity, Eye on Community Sustainability & Resiliency, Eye on Disaster Management, Eye on Oceans & Blue Carbon and Eye on Water Security.

Through networks, conferences and community groups, Eye on Earth provides a strong basis and opportunity to work together and pool resources to provide decision making support for sustainable development. Ultimately, Special Initiatives should embody the following fundamental characteristics:

  • Potential to be an agent of change of historical proportions and impact;
  • Identified as compelling and common need across the Eye on Earth stakeholder community;
  • High level support and commitment; and
  • Implementable within a reasonable time period.


Through the Special Initiatives engagement process, the Eye on Earth initiative convenes a diverse range of stakeholders to strengthen the knowledge infrastructure and access to information for environment and sustainable development in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Eye on Earth Summit Declaration.


The Initiative convenes routinely through online networks to a broad set of stakeholders across environmental, social and economic sectors to converge and collaborate around a set of key foundational and thematic issues to collectively address sustainable development goals. This includes a focus on data and information infrastructure including the methodology, tools, policies and institutional mechanisms to apply these resources effectively. Participating in the Initiative allows stakeholders to contribute to the common agenda and related outcomes and be part of a global stakeholder community and collaborative environment that collectively targets key needs and gaps that has the potential to provide transformative impact.

The Eye on Earth Special Initiatives process provides opportunities for:

  • Developing networks and partnerships
  • Addressing common needs for content development
  • Sharing tools, technology and infrastructure
  • Adding value to your current projects through incorporation of new ideas
  • Accessing good practices, protocols and standards
  • Participating in pilot activities
  • Replicating successful outcomes in other countries and regions;



Case Studies


The following coordination meeting were supported by AGEDI to maximise the number of stakeholders to successful develop and progress the initiatives beyond the virtual world.

July 2013: Eye on Water Security Meeting:
Stockholm, Sweden.
Sept 2013: Eye on Access for All Meeting:
Washington DC, USA.
Oct 2013: Eye on Environmental Education Meeting:
Manama, Bahrain.
Nov 2013: Eye on Disaster Management Meeting:
Geneva, Switzerland.
Nov 2013: Eye on Community Sustainability & Resiliency Meeting:
Paris, France.
Dec 2013: Eye on Biodiversity Meeting:
Ankara, Turkey.


For more information on how to participate visit Be Part of the EoE Initiative section.


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