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Engagement Domains
SGD's Natural Environment Built Environment
Focal Areas Access to Information Access to Information for SDG’s Access to Information for Natural Environment Access to Information for Build Environment
Data Infrastructure Data Infrastructure for SDG’s Data Infrastructure for Natural Environment Data Infrastructure for Build Environment
Data/Information Capacity Development Data/Information related Capacity Building for SDG’s Data/Information related Capacity Building for the Natural Environment Data/Information related Capacity Building for the Built Environment

Capacity Development - Access to Information Capacity Development for Access to Information
Capacity Development - Data Infrastructures Capacity Development for Data Infrastructures
Data Infrastructures - Access to Data Data Infrastructures for Access to Data

There is no direct cost for participation in the Eye on Earth Community.

By being part of the Eye on Earth initiative, the following benefits are available:

  • Access to a forum that promotes and facilitates interaction among the full range of environmental, economic and societal interests – Government, intergovernmental, UN system, non-governmental, private sector, academia, multilateral and bilateral donor agencies and foundations – in all parts of the world;
  • Access to engage with stakeholders, initiatives and projects that one may not have had visibility or access to previously;
  • Benefit from synergies gained through systemic, interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder involvement;
  • Be part of a global movement that aims to improve information availability and accessibility to support policy and decision-making for safeguarding a more sustainable environment in the future;
  • Be involved with technology support and capacity building in developing countries with an emphasis on the integration of environmental, societal and economic data and information networking to support informed decision making;
  • Benefit from synergies fostered by the Eye on Earth movement among various communities that mitigate against duplication and fragmentation, and help promote good practice;


In addition, opportunities exist for:

  • Developing networks and partnerships
  • Addressing common needs for content development
  • Sharing tools, technology and infrastructure
  • Adding value to your current projects through incorporation of new ideas
  • Accessing national, regional and global sound practices, protocols and standards
  • Participating in pilot activities
  • Replicating successful outcomes in other countries and regions;
  • Identifying and accessing new funding opportunities