Access to Information


This Focal area is coordinated by World Resources Institute

Contact:  Jesse Worker <>


The Access to Information Focal Area emphasizes the implementation of the below principles (which are part of the 14 Eye on Earth Principles that were approved in the 2011 Summit)

– Improve equitable access to information

– Develop adequate institutional and legislative enabling conditions for further implementation of Rio Principle 10 (Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice)

– Make credible, relevant and timely information more available

– Address Information gaps from both the demand and supply perspectives

One of the objectives of the Access to Information Focal Area is to make Access to Information a prerequisite in the global sustainability agenda, through Eye on Earth representation at events, on-the-record-statements by senior stakeholders and inclusion in outcome statements at global and other important fora.

The Focal Area builds upon some of the previous achievements of Eye on Earth, under the Special Initiatives. As part of the Access for All Special Initiative, three seed funded projects were launched:

– The Environmental Democracy Index (

– The Building Bridges between Regions project (

– The Strengthening Capacity of Governments and other Actors project (around the Principle 10 and the Bali Guidelines)