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Data Infrastructure


This Focal area is jointly coordinated by GEO and EAD


William (Bill) Sonntag (GEO) <wsonntag@geosec.org>

Derek Gliddon (EAD) <derek.gliddon@ead.ae>


The Data Infrastructure Focal Area addresses a broad range of enabling capabilities.  This Focal Area identifies the real-world gaps between the data/information needs and the supply mechanisms; then focusses on identifying, specifying and advocating for the changes and innovations required – in both technological and institutional dimensions.

The following are some of the Focal Area’s interests:

  • Identifying data and information users and characterizing their needs
  • Monitoring and measurement – data capture
  • Data storage & stewardship
  • Data cataloguing, discovery and access
  • Data re-purposing and interoperability
  • Cross sector/cross-geography coordination
  • Analytics, Visualization and Value-Adding
  • Human Capital
  • Data Infrastructure Financing
  • Enabling Political, Legal & Institutional Frameworks